SKYTAG. This offer is for Exisiting Customers AND New Customers. The price is normall £250, however for all of 4x4 Modified group members we have a 50% discount bringing it down to £125.00

What is Skytag :-

Skytag are now largest independent stolen vehicle recovery company in the UK, providing state of the art location equipment to recover your property quickly and efficiently. With an outstanding recovery record and an 11 minute fastest record, they are proud to offer a service second to none. With unique features like monthly operation checks and direct police access to live location information.

The Skytag device is a very small covert unit designed to be hidden in a vehicle, self instillation enhances the covert nature of the product as everyone will put it somewhere different, making it virtually impossible to find, this also reduces costs and makes the unit easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle with no charges.

Normal Retail Package: Skytag “Bundle” pack, £249.99 includes device, 3 months subscription, activation and vat. Monthly subscription £6.99/month or £10.99/month for Leisuresafe or Nightsafe.

The device is smaller than a computer mouse and contains a GPS chip that can pin-point its location on the planet to within 5 metres. The device also contains a module that communicates this position to us via the GPRS data network. So we know exactly where your vehicle is in the event of a theft. Our new 2013 unit comes with full Worldwide cover and is IP65 Waterproof.

The device has an inbuilt backup battery that lasts 3 days should the vehicle battery be disconnected. It also alerts us when the battery has been disconnected; we can even tell when the vehicle battery is running low, ensuring continuous operation.

Intelligent Movement alerts: NightSafe & LeisureSafe movement protection

LeisureSafe is an optional upgrade to your standard Skytag Locate cover providing protection for your vehicle or asset during the most vulnerable times. Designed for leisure vehicles that are used 2-3 times a week, "LeisureSafe" is fully automatic with no requirement to remember to turn on and off. A bespoke zone is created around your home address or where the vehicle is normally stored. If the vehicle moves out of this zone during the protected hours an alert is sent to your mobile phone, your landline, text and email.

NightSafe is designed for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable dark hours. Using a zone similar to "LeisureSafe" the system only alerts for vehicles leaving the "home Zone" between midnight and 5:00am. Coming home late or leaving very early? No problem, Nightsafe only triggers an alert for vehicles leaving the homezone, not entering. If you're coming home after midnight, Nightsafe will recognise this and take no action. If you leave the protected zone before 5am in the morning, you will trigger the alerts however as it’s you in the vehicle you can simply ignore these.

NEW from 2012/13 is our “LiveView” service where you can monitor the vehicle live yourself from any computer or smart phone.

“GeoZone” holiday cover is available for when you leave your vehicle unattended for long periods of time. This puts a virtual electronic fence around your vehicle and will alert with any unauthorised movement.


We operate a 24 hour 365 day monitoring service, whatever time of day or night, our emergency number will be answered by a real live person in the UK. This person will have direct access to the main tracking system and will be able to liaise directly with the Police. This operator will respond when given a valid crime number and will give location information direct to the police to recover the vehicle in the quickest time possible. This 24 hour monitoring also responds to Battery and GeoZone alerts. This service is covered by the standard Monthly subscription £6.99

Skytag are pleased to offer a 50% discount to members of 4x4 Modified Group, making the unit only £125.00. In addition to the discount, members will also be upgraded to the Nightsafe or Leisuresafe service for free for the first 3 months.

When you go to the website, add to your basket and when you check out, you will be prompted to enter a code which is DBGH50 this will reduce the £249 to £125....

Make the most of this great offer.


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